Climate & Capital Media and We Don’t Have Time launch “People-Powered News”

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Climate & Capital Media and We Don’t Have Time launch “People-Powered News”

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“People-Powered News” partnership kicks off with stories about Greenpeace Energy in Germany 

March 11, 2021 — Climate & Capital Media (“Climate & Capital”), a global media organization with a mission to bring together people and capital to solve climate change, and We Don’t Have Time (WDHT), the world’s largest social network for climate action, today introduced “People-Powered News” as part of a collaborative effort to democratize climate action through crowdsourced journalism. 

WDHT brings together everyone who wants to solve the climate crisis in a social platform that makes it easy to reach business and world leaders and engage in a dialogue about climate action. As of March 2021, WDHT has almost 750,000 members and followers that have collectively posted nearly 2,500 climate reviews, many of which urge specific organizations or public officials to do more to address the climate crisis. If a review attracts at least 100 “agrees,” then a member of the WDHT team reaches out to the organization or individual in question for public comment. 

As part of the “People-Powered News” partnership, each month Climate & Capital will select at least two climate reviews that earn at least 250 “agrees” and publish news stories about the specific campaign or issue. 

“The stories with the most potential to drive climate action are those that enjoy the most public support,” says Peter McKillop, founder of Climate & Capital. “This partnership is an exciting way to leverage the power of public opinion and pressure to hold climate laggards accountable.” 

”We can now offer our members the chance of having their climate review turned into a news story from a great publisher. This is an amazing way of giving power to the people,” says Ingmar Rentzhog, founder and CEO of We Don’t Have Time. As part of  the partnership, McKillop will join the WDHT advisory board and Rentzhog will join the Climate & Capital advisory board. 

To kick off the collaboration, Climate & Capital today published its first story that was directly sourced from climate reviews first posted on WDHT that received at least 250 votes. 

This story, written by Mckillop, explores the history of Greenpeace Energy in Germany and the paradox of how a company with the name Greenpeace can sell natural gas. Future “People-Powered News” stories may focus on everything from government leaders obstructing climate action to inspiring stories about companies reimagining their business models for a more sustainability-driven world. WDHT is free to join and anybody can post a climate review. 

So if you want us to write a story based on your climate review: Download the app, create a review, share it, and get 250 people to agree on it. 

To view the Swedish version of this press release, please click here.

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About We Don’t Have Time 

We Don’t Have Time is a social network for everyone who wants to be a part of the solution to the climate crisis. The power of many enables us to influence businesses, politicians and world leaders. But We Don’t Have Time to wait. Explore the platform at


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