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Georgie Benardete

Founder & CEO

About Company

Align17 partner with top institutional impact investors and third-party industry experts to source and screen global investment opportunities pursuing both market-rate financial returns and positive social or environmental outcomes. Align17 then provide a structuring solution to make each transaction as seamless and uniform as possible.

They are working to reduce fragmentation and empower their clients and partners to connect and collaborate, as it is only through partnership that they can realize the full potential of finance to shape a better world. If you share our vision – whether you are a private investor, family office, or financial institution – let’s connect.

Align17 has been created to build deeper, more efficient partnerships between sophisticated private investors and purposeful impact investments. Align17 enables both the end investors and their supporting banks and wealth managers to access impact investment opportunities that match their values, build lasting legacies and create positive change as well as financial returns.

As a social enterprise, Align17 reinvests the majority of its profits to further its mission of mobilizing capital into investments that intend to generate a measurable, beneficial, social, or environmental impact.

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