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Liane Thompson

Chief Executive Officer

About Company

When 8 year-old Emily learned about the ocean crisis she asked her inventor father to “Save the Seas.” He built a fishlike platform then, together with his wife, founded Aquaai. The Aquaai team are ocean loving people with expertise in oceanography, underwater drones, robotics, animatronics, cloud, big data, software architecture, PR / marketing and the Extreme. Aquaai has the mission to help keep humanity alive through sustainable practices combining risk management and biomimicry. Soft, fishlike AUVs provide affordable data in a climate changing world. FAAM™ (Fish-as-a-Service) includes a fishlike platform equipped with 4k cameras and plug-n-play sensors for superior data acquisition. It is unobtrusive, designed with Mother Nature in mind to immerse with natural habitat. FAAM™ provides real-time, optimized data and video footage from the Aquaai Control System web dashboard. 


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