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AquaMaof harness 30 years of experience with the range of aquaculture disciplines to create the latest technology to support the seafood industry.

AquaMaof are made up of a new generation of fish farmers; aquaculture and technology experts with years of experience and a passion for the industry. Working with nature, we leverage next generation techniques to develop a cost-effective, land-based indoor aquaculture technology which makes seafood production both efficient and sustainable.

At present, several projects are being developed:  a project near Moscow, Russia, which is to produce 500 tons of trout annually, and will be opened in 2013. An additional project in Romania will breed sturgeon for caviar production and others.

The Company has signed agreements with several other investment groups to construct additional facilities in Israel, Africa and South East Asia. The cost of building each industrialized fish farm ranges from € 4M to € 150M.

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