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CHOOOSE is a climate-focused technology company in Oslo, Norway. With a mission to accelerate the shift towards a sustainable future, CHOOOSE delivers a platform that enables both individuals and organizations to connect with the best CO2-reducing projects around the world. CHOOOSE supports individuals and organizations in over 70 countries. CHOOOSE partners with thoughtful consumer brands across verticals to integrate carbon offsetting into their products, services, and operations – all through a positive, action-first lens. Carbon offsetting is an important tool for every brand pursuing a sustainable path and a critical step in the transition to a low carbon society. However, carbon offsetting has been largely unapproachable: CO2 calculations are onerous, carbon pricing is unclear, and it’s difficult to tell if you’re actually making a difference. And, all of this has been wrapped in a negative, finger-pointing narrative that doesn’t connect with anyone. CHOOOSE changes all of this.

Through the CHOOOSE API or custom integration, climate action can be integrated into everyday business. CHOOOSE programmatically calculates carbon footprints, provides customers with the option to offset their order within the existing checkout flow and administrates the corresponding carbon offsets. For its partners, CHOOOSE makes it easy to track impact along the way, handling all of the details.

Powering the CHOOOSE Platform is a curated portfolio of CO2-reducing projects from which partners can select to execute their offsetting. All projects are certified by the International Gold Standard and continually monitored by the CHOOOSE network of carbon professionals.

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