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Cornerstone Capital Group

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Erika Karp

Founder & CEO

At Cornerstone they believe socially conscious investing is a truth, not a trend.

About Company

Founded in 2013, Cornerstone Capital Group is a financial services firm based inĀ New York. The mission of the firm is to enable investors to achieve targeted impact goals without sacrificing investment performance. Cornerstone works with families and individuals, foundations and endowments, multifamily offices and other registered investment advisors to develop and manage customized investment strategies to achieve bespoke financial and impact objectives.

Cornerstone Capital Group serves clients who want their investments to contribute to a more sustainable and inclusive world. They develop and manage custom investment strategies designed to achieve targeted environmental and social impact without sacrificing financial performance. Cornerstone Capital Group approach is distinguished by the depth and rigor of our manager due diligence, and by the integration of our thematic research work into that process.

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