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DiverseCity Ventures

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Mariah Lichtenstern

President & CEO

About Company

DiverseCity Ventures LLC, an impact-oriented venture capital firm, which invests primarily in early-stage technology-driven companies with large addressable markets, product-market fit, a dynamic founding team, and high probability of outsized returns.

DiverseCity Ventures Inc., a non-profit arm, which fosters collaboration within the innovation economy while training, incubating, and supporting early stage entrepreneurs. We advise pre-seed and seed-staged companies and strive to close the funding gap that too often keeps founders from socio-economically disadvantaged backgrounds from getting on the playing field. 

Innovation thrives where diverse perspectives intersect. DiverseCity Ventures capitalizes on those intersections. They encourage companies to harness the power of diverse perspectives derived from domain expertise, gender, culture, ethnicity, nationality, socio-economic status, age, identity, etc. Their core belief in this regard is that “diversity includes you.”

At DiverseCity Ventures, they are passionate about and committed to addressing inequities in technology, entrepreneurship, and venture capital.  They believe that fighting poverty and closing the funding, wealth, and wage gaps are critical to empowering founders who possess insights into the world’s most pressing problems.

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