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Tor Ostervold

Chief Executive Officer

About Company

ECOSubsea is the leading provider of environmentally friendly in-water hull cleaning services to the worldwide shipping industry. Its revolutionary technology is the solution that cuts operational costs, carbon emissions and the spread of alien invasive species – the key to the industry`s quest for greater sustainability. ECOsubsea was established by the Norwegian brothers Tor M. Østervold and Klaus Østervold in 2008. Their vision was from the very beginning to address the problem of biofouling and to safely transform a pressing environmental problem into a business profit for shipowners and ports, by making shipping greener. With head-office based in Austevoll, Norway and branch office in Oslo, the first pilot station was tested and approved in 2012. From 2014 ECOSubsea was operating in the Port of Southampton and in 2018 our international Centre of excellence was opened. For over a decade, they have fine-tuned innovative and advanced technology and earned licenses for operating in ports with strong environmental benchmarks. ECOSubsea combines domain expertise with unique technology to provide a solution fully complying with the strictest environmental regulations and are with our services, setting a new standard to cleaning operations and biofouling management for the global maritime industry.


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