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Ted Janulis

Founder & Principal

About Company

Investable Oceans is an investment hub that seeks to bring market-based capital to the oceans. While philanthropy and concessionary impact Investing are vitally important private sector sources, they believe market based investing can unlock substantial additional capital to help us collectively create a sustainable Blue Economy in the future.

Investable Ocean’s listed investments span: all asset classes (Public Equities, Fixed Income, Private Equity, and Venture Capital) and all sustainable Blue Sectors  (Energy Solutions, Fisheries & Aquaculture, Plastics & Pollution, Shipping & Ports, and Tourism).

This platform seeks to support and enhance the important work and growing success of fund managers, incubators and accelerators. Access to the platform is subject to various screens, which includes referrals, capital raised, credentials, affiliations, awards and other validating criteria and data points.

The Investable Oceans platform allows its users to: invest with access to a broad array of investment opportunities across all asset classes and all sustainable sectors, learn through curated research, commentary and tools to facilitate analysis, get Inspired by browsing a collection of ocean books, films, art, and innovations, and find Events via an extensive global calendar of upcoming virtual and in-person events, sourced from the ocean community.


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