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Ev Williams


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Obvious Ventures were founded on a simple belief that the most valuable companies of our time will be the ones solving humanity’s biggest problems. Their purpose is to support the world positive entrepreneurs building these disruptive solutions. Together they can reimagine huge sectors of the global economy in ways that move the planet forward.

Obvious Ventures place great value on values and culture. They hold themselves and their companies to the highest ethical and moral standards. They select for and cultivate, values-based leadership across their entire portfolio.

They practice humility by reminding themselves they’re not perfect and we will make mistakes. They practice audacity by taking bold risks and investing in companies that they wish existed. They use their operating experience to help define the big vision and sweat the little details.

Ultimately, they see profit and purpose as a virtuous circle. In the right combination, they form a flywheel that will deliver enormous financial returns while transforming capitalism in a world positive way.

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