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Solar Earth Technologies

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Brian Johnson

Co-Founder & Director

Meng Wang

Founder & Executive Chairman

A technology-driven company with a mission to develop, produce, and market novel solar solutions.

About Company

Solar Earth Technologies (SET) was founded in July 2015 in Vancouver Canada by a group of scientists, engineers, energy and roadway experts, and entrepreneurs – each with a successful track record in their respective fields and fueled with passion and vision to make future infrastructures more sustainable and livable.

They develop critical materials, modules, and process know-how for solar roads – an emerging industry sector that paves driveways, walkways, parkways, bike paths, and highways with photovoltaic (PV) materials, thereby transforming road surfaces into a site for dependable, accessible, and affordable clean electricity production and consumption.

Such PV-enabled roadways (solar roads) also makes traditional roadways more efficient, smart, and safe. For countries such as Canada with substantial infrastructure deployed in high latitude areas, solar-powered roadways offer a unique opportunity to improve the quality of road services in cold weather.

SET is developing a network of research labs to resolve interdisciplinary challenges across materials, pavement engineering, and energy technology.

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