GreenPortfolio and Climate & Capital Media founders partner to better inform consumers on money and climate change 

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GreenPortfolio and Climate & Capital Media founders partner to better inform consumers on money and climate change 

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Introducing a new generation to ideas for climate-friendly banking and investing.

New York – September 9, 2022 Climate & Capital Media (Climate & Capital) has teamed up with the climate fintech startup GreenPortfolio to help a new generation of bank and investment customers manage their money in a climate-friendly way. GreenPortfolio and Climate & Capital will focus on following the $131 trillion necessary to transition to a carbon-free economy and help people make more informed personal financial decisions based on a company, project, or bank’s support of climate solutions.

Consumer-oriented content on the climate impact of their finances

The partnership will develop new consumer-oriented content that combines Climate & Capital’s pioneering climate-first business journalism with GreenPortfolio’s proprietary climate analytics platform that helps users understand the climate impact of their finances. 

Elizabeth Landau, Co-founder of GreenPortfolio 

“Everyone deserves to know what their bank deposits and investments are funding. For too long, climate data has been held hostage behind meaningless ESG scores, which don’t help people understand how their money affects climate change. We started GreenPortfolio to deliver independent, transparent assessments of the climate impact of your money. We are excited to partner with Climate & Capital to broaden consumer awareness of the critical role money plays in helping or damaging our environment.”

Peter McKillop, Co-founder of Climate & Capital 

“We founded Climate & Capital Media to drive climate action by raising awareness and knowledge of the profound impact of money on the climate crisis. Our partnership with GreenPortfolio allows us to provide retail customers with news they can use to help make important personal and commercial financial decisions that directly impact the course of climate change.”

The emergence of the GreenPortfolio 

The idea for GreenPortfolio was formed when Bonnie Gurry, a climate and investment expert, realized that her work fighting climate change was being negated by her 401k, which was off funding fossil fuels. Over time, millennials and Gen Z have demanded sustainable investments and climate-friendly banking options. Bonnie and her co-founder, Elizabeth Landau, saw a rise in greenwashing as companies tried to capitalize on this consumer interest. 

Backed by the Columbia | IBM Launch Accelerator and Venture For ClimateTech, GreenPortfolio provides transparent assessments of the climate impact of financial products and is “revolutionizing the energy sector,” says Silicon NYC

GreenPortfolio is part of a growing financial ecosystem that seeks to use digital financial technology to catalyze decarbonization, according to a report released by Climate & Capital partner New Energy Nexus on Climate Fintech

GreenPortfolio covers many of the market verticals that New Energy Nexus has identified as critical:: Payments, Banking, Lending, Investing, and Insurtech. Many of the products and services listed — lending for renewable energy projects, green bonds, and funds — are all offerings GreenPortfolio researches and reviews to make accessible to everyone.

GreenPortfolio founders

Bonnie Gurry

Bonnie has focused her career on clean energy, working as the North American Clean Energy Lead at BASF and Renewable Energy Resources and Technology Engineer at the New York Power Authority. She also spent time in the venture world, working at both Pirque Ventures and Columbia Technology Ventures. She earned a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Columbia University, an MS in Mechanical Engineering from Caltech, and an MBA from the NYU Stern School of Business.

Elizabeth Landau

Elizabeth has 10+ years of brand management experience in B2B and B2C markets at Fortune 500 companies (BASF, Anheuser-Busch) and startups. She earned a BS in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania and an MBA from the NYU Stern School of Business.

About GreenPortfolio

GreenPortfolio helps millennials and Gen Z fight climate change with their financial decisions by scoring their investments and bank accounts for climate impact. Our proprietary algorithm evaluates the climate impact of companies and financial institutions to provide personalized portfolio analysis to consumers. By delivering transparent assessments of green financial products, we introduce new alternatives and provide a hub for financial climate activism. Learn more at

Climate & Capital Media founders

Peter McKillop

Peter is a former award-winning Newsweek correspondent and senior financial services communications executive, most recently at BlackRock, who founded Climate & Capital to raise awareness of money’s role in climate solutions and climate damage. 

David Garrison

David is co-founder of Climate & Capital Media and CEO of Climate & Capital Connect, the world’s first professional networking platform for climate and sustainability. An advisor to companies and leaders on the intersection of strategy, brand, communications, and operations, David writes Climate & Capital’s Leadership Interviews column.

Blair Palese

Co-founder and climate Editor at Climate & Capital, Blair is one of Australia’s leading climate influencers. She also works as Director of Philanthropy at an ethical investment firm, Ethinvest. She has consulted Google’s X climate moonshot group, the C40 Cities for Climate Action, Australian Museum, and science publisher The Brilliant. In 2009, Blair founded the climate nonprofit Australia and was CEO for ten years. She has worked as head of PR for The Body Shop internationally and Communications Director for Greenpeace International.

About Climate & Capital Media

Climate & Capital Media focuses exclusively on the business and finance of climate change. CCM publishes a weekly digital magazine highlighting the people, companies, and solutions to climate change while also calling out people, governments, and companies engaged in predatory climate delay. Learn more at

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