Long-Term Stock Exchange opens for business

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Long-Term Stock Exchange opens for business

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A new exchange offers innovative public-market options for companies and investors

The Long-Term Stock Exchange (LTSE), the sole national securities exchange built to serve companies and investors who share a long-term vision, has opened for business.

Companies that wish to list their shares on the exchange are required to agree to a series of policies designed to provide shareholders and other stakeholders with full disclosure about their strategies, practices, plans, and measures.

High on its agenda for handling investment is the environment. LTSE’s credo, spelled out in “Building for Generations: Foundations of the LTSE Listing Principles,” ranks “environment” at the top of the list of its areas of focus for stakeholders. It bluntly states that “for those companies that think of success over decades and generations, consideration of their environmental impact is both necessary to manage risk and reputation, and a potential source of opportunity and competitive advantage.”

Eric Ries, founder and CEO of LTSE Group, Inc., said, “The Long-Term Stock Exchange offers companies a new way to be public that supports the building of sustainable businesses, tightening ties with investors who share a long-term horizon, and a stakeholder approach.” 

Ries first outlined the idea for LTSE in the epilogue to his 2011 book “The Lean Startup.” He has since assembled a team to turn theory into reality by creating what he describes as “a public market that supports capital formation while sustaining long-term thinking.”

LTSE is a Securities and Exchange Commission-registered national securities exchange and participates in the national market system.

The Long-Term Stock Exchange is owned by Long-Term Stock Exchange, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of LTSE Group, Inc. Investors include Founders Fund, Collaborative Fund, Andreessen Horowitz, Obvious Ventures, Uprising, and Initialized.

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