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Brent Constantz

Brent Constantz

Blue Planet
Founder & CEO


Brent Constantz is serial Silicon Valley entrepreneur who founded and led as CEO: Norian Corporation 1987- 1998, Corazon Technologies 1998- 2002, Skeletal Kinetics 2002-2007, Calera Corporation 2007 -2010, DeepWater Desal 2011-date, and Blue Planet 2012- date. Dr. Constantz is the inventor on over 100 issued US patents, with over 100 more currently pending. He is a Consulting Associate Professor at Stanford University, where he teaches biomineralization. Constantz discovered the basic process used by corals to form their skeletons in the 1980s, which he based modern biological bone cements on, which are found in most operating rooms around the world that perform orthopedic surgery. In 2007, he launched his efforts to address climate change by sequestering anthropogenic carbon dioxide as building materials, specifically concrete. In 2012, he brought a new discovery of basic biomineralization to practical reality with a scalable solution that can address climate change in an economically and technically sustainable manner. A Fulbright Scholar, Dr. Constantz has been awarded many grants from governments, including the US, Canada, and Australia, has testified before both the US Senate and the House of Representative about solutions to Climate Change, has won a number of awards and honors, and regularly contributes to philanthropic causes.

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