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Guillaume Le Grand

Guillaume Le Grand

Founder & Director


Guillaume Le Grand is the CEO and Co-founder of TOWT, TransOceanic Wind Transport. TOWT is a French sailing freight transport company that uses wind power to ensure a future of low-carbon maritime emissions, offering an alternative to climate warming and the energy challenge. Guillaume would sail with this grandfather when he was six years old. He got into this industry because he wanted to give more meaning to sailing. He met his associate, Diana Mesa, and they both founded TOWT. The beginning of the company was all about identifying all the largest sailing vessels rather than building the ship of the future in order to add value to what already existed. They use wind power to reduce the carbon maritime emissions and are committed to fair trade of goods. They started selling rum, cocoa beans and coffee and, over time, gained experience in the logistic side of shipping, getting to know how the winds were blowing over the year on the Atlantic.They want to promote a positive commercial offer in the shipping logistics.


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