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Kimberly  White

Kimberly White

The Planetary Press
Founder and CEO


Kimberly White is the Founder and CEO of The Planetary Press. Kimberly founded TPP with the goal of connecting leaders around the world to foster change and innovation in sustainability. Since launching in 2019, The Planetary Press has published hundreds of articles and has amassed an audience in over 185 countries. Kimberly is the host of The Planetary Podcast, where she interviews global leaders and innovators making a positive change on our planet.

Kimberly speaks on a variety of sustainability topics. She has researched, taught and written articles about consumerism, business sustainability, environmental awareness, and alternative energy; created presentations and webinars dealing with waste management and water conservation; helped to develop and oversee several
international certification programs for working professionals on topics such as green business, climate change, and social entrepreneurship; and spearheaded a global summit featuring sustainability experts from around the world.

Kimberly is a Climate Reality Leader and was named Co-Chair of The Climate Reality Project Central Florida Chapter from 2017-2020. She is an Ambassador for The 5 Gyres Institute, where she advocates for sustainable alternatives to help combat the plastic pollution crisis. Kimberly serves on the Advisory Board for Project Green Schools. Additionally, she is an Ambassador for SEE-Women, a Latin American movement that promotes gender equality and women empowerment.

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