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Peter  McKillop

Peter McKillop

Climate & Capital Media
Founder & CEO

“I decided I was ‘all in’ to help resolve global warming. It’s the least I can do for my two boys and the billions of their contemporaries. At Climate & Capital, we will do our part to fight the good fight, fueled by hope and optimism, but tempered by the grim reality of an ever-warming world.”

– Peter McKillop, Founder | Climate & Capital Media


Peter is the founder of Climate & Capital Media. Climate & Capital Media is a mission-driven information platform exploring the business and finance of climate change.

Climate&Capital delivers original reporting, intelligence and insight from our global network of journalists, researchers, and investors with a focus on climate-related businesses, technology, and public policy, particularly for the emerging generation of economic leaders who will shape tomorrow’s global agenda.

Prior to Climate & Capital, Peter McKillop was a Managing Director at BlackRock, where he was responsible for leading the firm’s strategic communications and messaging for its iShares ETF and Indexing business. He has also held senior communication leadership positions at J.P. Morgan, KKR, UBS, and Bank of America. Before entering the financial communications field, Peter was a senior correspondent and bureau chief for Newsweek in New York, Tokyo, and Hong Kong.


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