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Sara Rademaker

Sara Rademaker

American Unagi


Sara chose to follow an early passion for fish that has become a now 15-year aquaculture career. She earned a degree in Fisheries and Aquaculture from Auburn University and after graduating immediately dove in with Auburn’s US-AID aquaculture development in Uganda.  For the last decade, aquaculture development has been a focal point of her career. She has been working either in the US or Africa with aquaculture production, education, or research and development with species ranging from microalgae to tilapia. She’s run large scale production facilities to micro-aquaculture businesses operated by students.  First coming to Maine as an Americorps volunteer, Sara quickly connected to Maine’s aquaculture and fishing communities.  In 2014, Sara pursued eel aquaculture and founded American Unagi, where she has continued to bring that early passion to growing the industry and producing great fish.


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