Spiders, snakes and mice invade New South Wales amid worst flood in 60-years

Spiders, snakes and mice invade New South Wales amid worst flood in 60-years

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Record-breaking floods in the New South Wales coastline and Queensland have caused an infestation of snakes, spiders, mice and other animals fleeing the rising waters. The creepy-crawly invasion occurred as 18,000 were evacuated due to the worst floods in 60 years. Locals have taken to social media to post pictures of the terrifying spider infestation. 

In addition to spiders, snakes and cows have also been trapped by the bursting of river banks resulting in increased mud levels. Wild animals are not the only ones bearing the brunt of the disaster. Reuters reported that 20 domestic pet dogs were rescued in lifeboats from kennels, where their families left them due to emergency evacuations. 

Matt Lovenfosse, who lives in his family’s farm on Kinchela Creek, told CNN that this is not the first time spider infestation has occurred on his property. Lovefosse said that flooding in the months of March in 2001 and 2013 resulted in spiders crawling up to his family home which happens to be the highest point on the property.

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