The Podcast: Climate policy has a women problem

The Podcast

The Podcast: Climate policy has a women problem

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Women will likely be few and far between in the upcoming COP26 conference, and men dominate the climate discussion in general. Bianca Pitt from She Changes Climate argues that more women voices are crucial to stopping climate change. Also: The U.S. could suffer its worst drought ever, and global climate editor Blair Palese dives into the “Blue Economy.” (Available on all major players. News at 0:44; interview at 1:43; Blue Economy discussion at 23:20.)

In this episode…

  • Host Jared Downing’s usual news update covers what could be the worst period of prolonged drought the West has seen in 1200 years.
  • After that, Jared speaks with Bianca Pitt of She Changes Climate, a grassroots network of powerful women fighting for more representation in climate policy. Pitt points out that climate change will have an outsized effect on women, but, furthermore, women simply bring a new perspective to climate policy. Ignoring them is not only unjust — it’s stupid.
  • Finally, global climate editor Blair Palese discusses the “Blue Economy,” an economic movement that aims to both protect oceans and use sustainable ocean resources to replace unsustainable land-based products.

Written by

Jared Downing

Jared Downing is managing editor of Climate & Capital Media. Before Climate&Capital, he spent five years in Yangon, Myanmar, producing the human rights podcast Doh Athan and producing features, columns, and cartoons for Frontier Myanmar, that country's leading English language magazine. Prior to that, he was a freelance writer in Birmingham Alabama, focusing on city culture and social justice.