Tony Lent’s Top 5: Brazil to invest $3.6 billion in mitigating climate change effects

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Tony Lent’s Top 5: Brazil to invest $3.6 billion in mitigating climate change effects

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Germany’s EnBW to invest $43 billion in energy transition projects by 2030 

EnBW Energie Baden-Wuerttemberg AG has pledged to invest €40 billion ($43 billion) on renewables rollout and grid expansion by 2030. The investment will include deploying hydrogen power plants to support wind and solar power, representing the company’s largest investment. Renewables Now

Emirati sovereign fund Mubadala plans $13.5 billion biofuel investment in Brazil

The first investment is due to begin production in 2026 and will include both the production of new facilities, the securing of agricultural supply chains, and the conversion of oil refineries into biofuel production facilities. Financial Times

Brazil to invest $3.6 billion in mitigating climate change effects

Brazil has announced an 18.3 billion Reais ($3.6 billion) investment in its public sector public transit and erosion control infrastructure. BN Americas

Apple, Conservation International, and Goldman Sachs launch $200 million in nature-based carbon removal projects

The new partnership aims to remove at least one million metric tons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere annually through nature-based solutions. Projects will be identified later in 2024. Business World

The Charles Darwin Foundation and Oceans Finance Company form for-profit partnership for for Galapagos Islands project

Seeks to manage natural capital to strengthen the oceanic ecosystem while generating investor return. The project’s initial focus will be marine biodiversity research, marine bird and sea turtle conservation, and insular reforestation. Investment International

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Tony Lent

Tony Lent has been working at the intersection of climate and investment for 27 years, building principal investing businesses. He is the co-founder of Capital For Climate, an intelligence platform to help large scale investors navigate towards the highest leverage opportunities on the path to net zero.