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Welcome to Climate & Capital Media

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If you’re like us, you’ve been thinking more and more about the implications of climate change. As historic wildfires burn in the US, as the 27th hurricane of the season hits the Gulf, and as our polar ice caps destabilize, it seems a dark constant. Whether your lens is financial, economic, social, or political, there’s no escaping the increasing impact of climate change on our lives. 

We know. You’ve heard it before: We need to act. We need to act now. 

And this is true. But what you may not have heard before is a practical discussion of how to make decisions in the emerging $100 trillion climate economy — the process, the tensions, and the risks and opportunities it holds. 

This is why we founded Climate & Capital Media. As the world transforms — markets, organizations, and even individuals — what we aren’t talking enough about is the extraordinary opportunities that come with creating a more equitable and sustainable climate economy. 

That’s where Climate&Capital comes in: We’re a global collective of mission-driven journalists, activists, consultants, and investors offering an alternative form of business journalism; one that offers new ideas, new voices, new investment considerations, and the decision-making tools necessary for succeeding in the climate economy. 

Our intent is to chronicle major trends and incite meaningful discussion; to deliver original thinking, convene unique gatherings, and influence global leaders. Our ambitious goal is to go beyond discussing climate change and realize the enormous and real opportunity in front of us. 




What you can expect from Climate&Capital

As you explore, you’ll find each of our sections serves a purpose: Climate Economy gives you insight on emerging patterns; Climate Finance looks at the financial strategy and tactics of bold action; Climate Justice briefs you on the social issues and legal risks you need to consider; Voices, is our curated editorial opinion section; and Leadership Interviews explores the deeply human exercise of transforming markets, organizations, and ourselves. 

We’re particularly excited about the first piece in our Ten to Watch series, which highlights climate change entrepreneurs, financial leaders, and innovators around the world. These are the people and organizations who are changing the world. Some you’ll know. Many you won’t.

Two other resources have already proven valuable to leaders: our Climate&Capital Directory, a curated listing of companies and people building the climate economy; and our expanding portfolio of premium newsletters, each of which goes deep on a particular element of the climate economy, whether climate finance, green bonds, climate justice, climate lifestyle, or one of many more topics to come.

Join us on this journey into the climate economy.

Many thanks for your consideration. Our wish at Climate&Capital is to grow with you, to become a familiar source of independent and trusted news and information, and to foster relationships and discussions that lead to a more equitable and sustainable world.

Welcome to the Climate Age. We hope you’ll join us and other leaders for the amazing ride ahead.




Peter McKillop
Climate & Capital Media

David Garrison
Climate & Capital Media

Written by

Peter McKillop

Peter McKillop is the founder of Climate & Capital Media, a mission-driven information platform exploring the business and finance of climate change.