Alejandro Juárez Crawford, Miriam Plavin-Masterman and Barclay Palmer


Alejandro Juárez Crawford is co-founder and CEO of RebelBase, professor of entrepreneurship at Bard College’s MBA in sustainability, global faculty chair for OSUN’s Certificate in Sustainability and Social Enterprise, and will host the podcast “What if Instead” on ITSP Magazine. He focuses on democratizing innovation and equipping people to solve local and global problems. || Miriam Plavin-Masterman is associate professor of business administration at Worcester State University, focusing on organizational culture and innovation. She studies public entrepreneurship, and how entrepreneurs can repurpose abandoned industrial spaces into public green spaces. || Climate & Capital Senior Editor Barclay Palmer is an award-winning journalist, producer, and executive with extensive experience at CNN, CBS, Bloomberg, and Reuters. He was a senior producer for Christiane Amanpour and Anderson Cooper.