Bill Weihl


Bill Weihl is executive director and founder of ClimateVoice, which engages and educates employees to get their companies to step up on climate policy. He publishes op-eds and blogs on the corporate sector’s actions (or inactions) on climate policy. Prior to founding ClimateVoice in 2020, Weihl spent 15 years leading sustainability and climate work at Google and then Facebook. Among other things, he played a critical role in RE100 and the Renewable Energy Buyers Alliance (now CEBA). In 2009, he was honored by Time Magazine as one of their Heroes of the Environment in recognition of the work he and his colleagues did at Google, in 2016 he was honored with the Global Green Award for environmental leadership, and in 2018 he was honored by GreenBiz with the VERGE Vanguard Award.