Peter McKillop and Barclay Palmer


Peter McKillop is an award-winning writer, journalist, and publisher of Global 2050, a non-profit media company focused exclusively on financial news, and policy analysis of emerging environmental, climate, and energy-related issues. He is the publisher of Climate & Capital Media and Green Central Banking, news sites providing non-partisan, independent journalism and commentary on green finance and the transition to a post-carbon economy. // Barclay is Executive Editor and Head of Strategy at Climate and Capital. He also serves as strategic advisor in cleantech, media, energy, and edtech, specializing in messaging, fundraising, recruiting and research. Barclay has been an award-winning journalist over 30 years at CNN, CBS News, Bloomberg, Reuters, Newsweek, RealVision, Times Mirror, PBS NewsHour and other outlets. He played senior roles on Amanpour, Anderson Cooper 360, Newsnight, CNN Business News, and in managing coverage of 9/11, TWA Flight 800 and other major events.