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Orbital Marine Power

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Andrew Scott

Chief Executive Officer

About Company

Everyone at Orbital Marine Power shares the same motivations. They want to play their part in tackling climate change, improving air quality and supporting the global transition away from fossil fuels.

Decarbonising energy is an imperative for the safety of generations to come and a responsibility that rests with us all.

Orbital has an innovative solution that can cost effectively harness the hugely dense, predictable, renewable energy that flows in the world’s ocean and river currents.

Orbital’s unique floating platform is moored via anchors in powerful tidal streams or river currents. Underwater rotors capture the dense flowing energy.

Orkney is the company’s home, and it is where some of the strongest tidal currents in the world happen – and that is where the first O2 will operate.

Anchored in the Fall of Warness at the European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC), where tidal speeds can exceed 3m/s, the O2 will be connected to the local electricity grid and will help power the communities of Orkney cleanly and sustainably from the waters that flow past their islands.

Orbital Marine Power is a privately held company with offices in Orkney and Edinburgh.


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